Canine Country Retreat

At Inn On The Twenty, we know that everything is more fun with your best friend! That's why we offer special suites accommodations to welcome both you and your canine travel companion. Our dog-friendly rooms make an ideal home-away-from-home, offering an attached garden and patio and plenty of space for your pooch to explore. When booking, please note that a full set of stairs is necessary to access the Vintage House Suite only.

To reserve a dog-friendly room for you and your housebroken and well-behaved canine companion, please mention that they will be travelling with you upon booking. These rooms are subject to availability.

Housekeeping Fee
An additional housekeeping charge of $35 per dog per night applies. The Vintage House suite accommodates up to a maximum of two dogs; the Merritt & Moyer suites accommodate a maximum of one dog.

Provided For Your Pooch:
These rooms are furnished with a pet food mat, and clean food and water bowls. To make your pooch feel extra special, please enjoy the Doggie Welcome Basket, complete with treats, a few extra pick-up bags, towels, and blankets.

Services Available
Our Guest Service Agents are always available to help you enjoy your stay. We are happy to recommend walking routes, or provide listings of local veterinarians, pet shops, or grooming salons, etc.

Travel Tips:

  • Bring a sufficient supply of your dog's favourite brand of food and, if necessary, your dog's medication(s)
  • Keep your pooch's health records handy
  • Plastic bags for cleaning up during walks are a must!
  • You may want to pack your pooch's grooming supplies
  • Bring along one or two of your pooch's favourite toys
  • Dogs must remain on a leash when outside of the suite
  • Out of respect for our other guests, dogs are not permitted in the restaurant, or at the spa. Dogs may not be left in your suite without supervision unless crated; please note that crates are not provided
  • Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after dogs at all times
  • Restricted breeds (as outlined by provincial law) are not permitted
  • At the discretion of management, dog owners may be held liable for any irreparable damage caused to the furniture or flooring in their suite
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