Inn On The Twenty facials feature the world-renowned skin care products of Phytomer, used in some of the finest destination spas. Phytomer combines all natural active ingredients from the sea; botanical derivatives that contain trace elements and minerals as well as patented purifying and preservative techniques.

As we treat your skin, we strive to customize and adapt to your specific needs through an initial consultation and full home care recommendations to bring your skin to its full potential.

Complete Rejuvenation Facial Experiences

The Phytomer facials listed below begin with an intensive eye contour treatment, light back massage and an application of self-heating mud that will encourage relaxation and detoxify and remineralize the body.

Enhanced Marine Immersion

90 minutes | $170

Enjoy a double exfoliation and triple mask application stimulating cellular renewal and greatly improving the skin's overall clarity. This treatment includes an eye and face massage that will relax and boost the skin's circulatory and lymphatic properties to increase detoxification. Customized serums based on individual skin's needs, along with heating and cooling masks are also applied. Each experience will be customized to your skincare goals and skin's specific needs.

Sea Water Mineral Infusion

75 minutes | $130

In this treatment, we focus on a variety of specialized masks and deep exfoliation that will address specific skin needs and infuse the skin with moisturizing, soothing or purifying ingredient formulations.

Clayton Shagal

Discover the essence of Clayton Shagal with one of our Signature Collagen and Elastin facials. All skin types will benefit from this nourishing facial, which embodies the core active proteins in the Clayton Shagal skincare line. A simple, yet effective treatment that utilizes concentrated protein serums to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Hydrating Collagen Facial
60 minutes | $107

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Pro Aging Collagen Facial
60 minutes | $120

Power Surge for Men

45 minutes | $95

This tailor-made treatment dedicated to the specific needs of a man's skin is a wonderful way to relax and unwind. It begins with a relaxing back massage, followed by an application of self-heating mud to eliminate all traces of tension and stress. Once completely relaxed, the face is deeply cleansed and oxygenated. A facial mask is applied and a scalp massage will activate calmness and well-being. Finally, depending on one's needs, the application of a moisturizing or anti-aging care cream finishes the treatment.

Radiant Skin Revival

45 minutes | $95

This treatment will give skin the quick fix it needs for those on the go. Our introductory facial includes a professional skin analysis and a gentle exfoliation. An application of marine active ingredients will give the face instant radiance and glow.

Wine Country Facial

60 minutes | $120

This facial is ideal if you are looking for a unique wine country experience for dry, maturing skin. It begins with a gentle scrub to reinforce the epidermis. A double mask application will preserve the youthful appearance while hydrating and firming the skin. The combination of grape seed oil, red wine and grape leaf extracts create less visible wrinkles, firmer skin and a fresh and luminous complexion.

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