At Spa On The Twenty, we proudly offer sumptuous facials from two of the world’s most luxurious brands: Phytomer and Institut Esthederm.

Phytomer facials contain all-natural active ingredients from the sea which provide intense anti-aging solutions with proven results.

Institut Esthederm’s clinical-grade ingredients and patented technology work on a cellular level to give luxurious results.

Enhanced Marine Immersion

80 minutes | $170

Enjoy a double exfoliation and triple mask application stimulating cellular renewal and greatly improving the skin's overall clarity. This treatment includes an eye and face massage that will relax and boost the skin's circulatory and lymphatic properties to increase detoxification. Customized serums based on individual skin's needs, along with heating and cooling masks are also applied. Each experience will be customized to your skincare goals and skin's specific needs.

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Sea Water Mineral Infusion

75 minutes | $150

In this treatment, we focus on a variety of specialized masks and deep exfoliation that will address specific skin needs and infuse the skin with moisturizing, soothing or purifying ingredient formulations.

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Excellage Facial

80 minutes | $175

Experience Institut Esthederms’ most advanced and luxurious facial. Excellage boosts cellular communication within the skin through the use of ‘smart polysaccharides’ resulting in increased density, firmness, hydration, and radiance.

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Radiant Skin Revival

25 minutes | $85

This treatment will give skin the quick fix it needs for those on the go. Our introductory facial includes a professional skin analysis and a gentle exfoliation. An application of marine active ingredients will give the face instant radiance and glow.

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Intensive Rebalancing Facial

50 minutes | $130

A facial that provides targeted solutions according to the needs of the skin (dehydration, sensitivity congestion). Skin is deeply cleansed and stabilized resulting in hydrated, soothed and radiant skin.

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Oxypeel Facial

80 minutes | $165

A stimulating facial that infuses oxygen into all layers of the skin. The result is smooth, supple skin with restored luminosity.

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Personalized Facial

50 minutes | $120

A facial customized to your skin using ingredients from the sea.

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